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welcome to my journal

My mom and grandfather are both amazing photographers, so my whole life I was surrounded by camera collecting, old film, and library shelves filled with photo albums. I had never even considered it... I wanted to pave my own path, be my own person. So I went down just about every creative road I could think of. I tried painting, wasn't that good at it. I danced for 12 years, dreamt of going to New York and being on Broadway. I've been a singer all my life, even tried to pursue that for a while. I've written some short stories and started about 15 novels... but photography never crossed my mind. Until May of 2020 that is.

On a whim I decided that I wanted to try it.. It was mid pandemic and I was struggling with a way to use my creativity. I was searching for something that I could do to make the quarantine days seem less daunting. I wanted, just as everyone did, to have a sense of normalcy, a shimmer of hope. Maybe even a little purpose... I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and was sure it wouldn't work out. I asked this girl to model for me anyway. It didn't go great... more blurry photos than crisp. Lots and lots of cut off limbs, but I was hooked immediately. The fire sparked inside of me and now its a full on forrest fire. It's been almost a year later... my photos are looking better, I have my own gear, a vision, and I'm going for it. 100%.

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire." -Jennifer Lee

Since the first photos I ever took were of her, it only seems fitting that it's how I start this chapter. Every week I will be uploading a new journal entry, ripped straight out of my diary... Combining my love for story telling with the moments I capture behind my lens. Get ready for a lot of nonsense and frill wrapped up in a 20 something's words.

Get to know me better by heading to the about page and reading 'why the poppies'

Photos taken: St. Petersburg, FL - March 2021

Pictured: @marisa_pace


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