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something about love

Sometimes on days off, I'll go Downtown and walk around. I like to pretend I'm in a Hallmark movie, sipping my tea and people watching. I like to look for couples... New couples, who still have that glee when they hold hands, or the nervous eyes they have when the other looks away. Couples who have been together so long they walk as though they are one person. The first dates, blind dates, double dates. The dates that are going well, and the ones that aren't. It's so fun to watch all the different kinds of love.

My favorite kind of love though, is comfortable love. The kind of love where every little moment feels as though it's meant for the other person, as if it was always the plan that they fell into each other... something about love like that.

“From the first moment that we touched, your arms felt like home.” -John Mark Green

I used to think the only kind of love worth having was the crazy kind. The kind you kick, scream, and claw your way through. I thought if I didn't have to fight to love someone, it wasn't worth it. If only I could go back and shake that notion out of 19 year old MacKenzie. If only I knew back then what I know now... Rom Coms end when they do for a reason, bad boys are only good until they get bored, and the appeal of mystery fades really fast... Love will never be easy, things will happen that will make it hard to keep going, but it should never be a fight to love someone. Loving your partner should be the simplest part of life. Thank God for growing up, and for couples like this one who make loving someone, look easy.


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