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in a world of dreamers

Do you have a clear view of who you are? Or do you sometimes feel like you're lost in a field with no real idea of what to do... Do you panic and run in every direction (that's personally what I would do because why the hell am I in the middle of a field for no reason)? Or do you sit down and enjoy the flowers, listen to the birds chirp, and feel the breeze blowing through your hair...

I was sitting down talking with my mom yesterday about generational differences.. I know, risky move. It usually ends up with one of us feeling like our entire generation is being attacked and we need to put on our armor. But nevertheless, we talked. She told her side and I told mine, and what I think I've come to realize is, it's not so much that we are that different from each other but our parents think they need to take care of us, and we've allowed them to take it so far that they've forgotten they used to have dreams too.

“The world doesn't have to lose it's magic just because you lost your pigtails." -Amber Scholl

I think our generation is one that truly has seen too much. With social media being in every aspect of our lives, we know more... We see the travel bloggers staying in lavish hotels and constantly hopping on a plane from one adventure to the next, we see the perfect couple doing everything we don't, we see everyones highlight reels and forget that it's not the whole story. On the other hand we also more aware of what is happening in world. From murder, to religion, to politics. Everyone wears there beliefs on their bios in flashing neon lights. It's everywhere. On one side of that coin it has made us all a little more sad and a lot more anxious. But on the other side, it has left us craving grand lives, and having big dreams, and wanting for change. It's almost as if there is TOO much available at out finger tips.

I like to imagine this world we are living in as a big flower market.. To sell ourselves we put our prettiest stems out on display and tuck our worn pedals behind, hoping no one will notice and decide we aren't what they want. It's a beautiful market, filled with every color and kind of flower you can imagine. Showing off what they have to offer while hiding the struggle in the dark. We want our voices heard, but not until we know we are right. We want our dreams to be known, but not until they've come true. We are a constant contradiction of ourselves. If only we knew that our damaged petals are what make us beautiful...what make us completely and authentically ourselves. Our generation is steering away from the safe side. Most of us no longer want to get a degree in communications and work at a bank just for stability.. We want adventure. We want to start our own businesses or travel. We don't want any one thing consuming our lives that doesn't fill our cup. I know I personally don't want my life to go by without knowing that I did absolutely everything I could to live a meaningful and extraordinary life. I don't want to play it safe, But I also don't want people to know what I am doing until I am sure I won't fail. I am walking through the flower field not sure if I want to step out on my own or enjoy the beauty for a while.

"Her damaged petals are what made her more beautiful than all the other flowers." -a.j. lawless

This beautiful girl is the embodiment of who we all want to be. She is not afraid to put her all into the unknown, to be fearless in the face of rejection and persevere anyway... In a world full of dreamers, she will be the one to lead the charge.

Photos taken: Plains Art Museum, Fargo, ND

Pictured: @brittney.finseth


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