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i picked up a camera and it was like all of sudden i'd found that peace again, the sense of belonging. capturing peoples stories and wrapping them up in a perfect memory. there's something so exciting about being the one to capture that moment, like you're let in on a secret... that no one else will ever fully understand except the people in front of the camera and you, behind... soaking it all in. the stories i see behind the lens are precious, and real... i started 'with the poppies' as a way to capture everything from the big moments to a tuesday afternoon eating pizza on a rooftop. every single photograph has a story worth telling, it's there...and i'm here to tell it.


fairytale, drama, love story, comedy... come see the world through my lens.


She has such a creative mind, perfect for getting images that don't look like what everyone else has! When shooting it issuer fun and she brings such a good energy. Not to mention her photos turn out AMAZING!!I'd recommend her to everyone!!

Anne & Devin

Coming Soon


MacKenzie is amazing to work with! She makes me feel so confident while shooting and the photos always turn out amazing. She is extremely professional and is SO creative. Her positive energy is contagious and it shines through her work!

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